Hello boys and girls! I’ve promised my mother that I wouldn’t be on the computer (much) today, so I’m just gonna type up this grand, humongous thank you to everyone who has made my year as great as it’s been. It may not have started out the best but god dammit if it didn’t end well. In just the last week alone, I’ve never felt closer to any of my friends or happier with any of my followers. I’m approaching another milestone very soon so I’m just really happy. I’m not good at phrasing things in a sincere/not silly way, so sorry if this takes a turn for the gushy instead of the impartially formal.

I love all of you, everyone I haven’t spoken to, and everyone I have. Everyone I consider a friend and everyone who considers me a friend. Everyone who loves my blog and those whose blogs I love. I can honestly say I am completely and totally grateful for you all as this year has been arguably the best of my life. 

The Internet is my home and the people on it mean the world to me. I would make individual shout outs to each of my friends but I’d feel like I’m missing someone and then worry about it all day, but know that you are all funny, kind, interesting people that I love more than life itself and I really hope we can meet someday. Thank you for putting up with me and my insane ramblings and my sobbing over Matt Smith’s face, I’m sure it gets tedious especially for those who aren’t even in the Doctor Who fandom — cough cough, Ana. I really hope that next year is as good as this one and you all are happy. And know that you’re still absolutely welcome in my ask box at any time. 

Oh, and, Happy New Year! I hope you have a really great year.

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