Hi. So I have news. 

I’m going hiatus.

What? You just hit 2,000 followers, what are you doing? Well - for one thing I just hit 2,000 followers which is both extremely exciting and extremely terrifying, and let me tell you something, I don’t know quite how to deal with this. I’m very eager to please all of you and very afraid to offend any of you and that’s caused a minor amount of stress. But that’s not the whole reason why I’m going on hiatus. Don’t worry, I’m not a completely dishonorable wimp.

I have a lot of reasons for why I’m going on hiatus. One of those reasons is because I haven’t been off the internet for more than three days in forever. Like I don’t know how long it’s been since that’s happened, I shouldn’t have let this become an addiction like it has. This doesn’t bother me that much, but it bothers me enough that it’s lead to me making this a full hiatus and not just a semi-hiatus to focus on my stupidity and my schooling. 

The other reason that’s standing out in my mind is that it’s been ages since I’ve read. Like actually just laid around all day and read and I miss that. So I’m going on hiatus for the month, but don’t worry! Not all hope is lost!

I will be on on my birthday (the 14th, mark your calenders) and I have set up a semi-satisfactory queue, but not just that! I’ve gotten two of my favorite human beings to blogsit for me for the month. Those two humans are Sierra and Matt. You are in good hands.

Please don’t hate me for leaving.

I love you all, I will be back on the first of October. 


  1. timeywimeywonderland said: Read some good books and we’ll miss you sweetie :) I totally get what you mean, and im glad you have the strength to make other stuff a priority.
  2. lorsasstyrell said: Ah :( We’ll miss you in the mean time for sure!
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